Parti Lepep held its Extraordinary Congress on Saturday 8th April 2017, which was held at the ICCS Room 1. Among the resolutions adopted were:
-to extend the mandate of the Central Committee (expired since February) until June 2017
-to set up a committee that will work on a series of proposals from a retreat exercise held recently with representatives from the districts structure and mass organisations, and further discussed during Congress. These will be compiled as tools that PL will use as it rebrands and work for the future. In June, Congress will formally approve these proposals
-to recognize the contribution of the Founder Leader Mr France Albert Rene who led the struggle of 1964 and later on laid down the foundation for a modern Seychelles
-to recognize and honour the hard work of President James Michel for the past 12 years
-to appreciate the work of President Danny Faure in this challenging period.