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1. New President -19.10.2016

Mr. Danny Faure, Seychelles' New President.           Mr. James Michel remains Party President.  

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2. Parti Lepep's Extraordinary Congress 2017 -08.04.2017

Parti Lepep held its Extraordinary Congress on Saturday 8th April 2017, which was held at the ICCS Room 1. Among the resolutions adopted were: -to extend the mandate of the Central Committee (expired since February) until June 2017-to set up a...

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4. A dialogue with supporters -09.08.2017

Parti Lepep is holding regional meetings on the three islands with activists and supporters to engage in a dialogue on issues of concern, such as the cohabitation between government and the National Assembly and the future of Parti Lepep. The...

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5. Zwenn Parti Lepep pour kontiny sa travay komanse an 1964 -13.10.2017

Akoz 1964 ? Nou granparan e paran a fer nou rapel ki an 1964 ti lannen kot predeseser SPPF ek Parti Lepep, ti konmans rekrit manm pour li vin sa lafors politik ki ti pou lite pour rod lendepandans Sesel ; pour  donn Seselwa dignite e idantite....

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6. Happy Birthday Founder Leader France Albert René -16.11.2017

Mass organizations within Parti Lepep yesterday surprised Mr. René on his 82nd birthday. Our Founder-Leader and former President is a special man whose natural talents and spirit have made him move mountains to build the Seychelles we know...

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7. Anse Aux Pins -03.05.2016

Mr Meggy Marie is 40 Years old and is a legitimate child of Anse Aux Pins. Former school teacher holds degrees in psychology, sociology and ...logy. Click to Learn More About Anse Aux...

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8. Anse Aux Pins District -03.05.2016

  Anse Aux Pins well known for fishing is of high population and active in sports.         Click to Learn more about District Chairperson

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