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1. New President -19.10.2016

Mr. Danny Faure, Seychelles' New President.           Mr. James Michel remains Party President.  

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2. Parti Lepep's Extraordinary Congress 2017 -08.04.2017

Parti Lepep held its Extraordinary Congress on Saturday 8th April 2017, which was held at the ICCS Room 1. Among the resolutions adopted were: -to extend the mandate of the Central Committee (expired since February) until June 2017-to set up a...

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3. Prezident Speeches -10.04.2017

Handover of Power Speech by President James Alix Michel, State House, 16th October 2016.   Diskour Pasasyon Pouvwar par Prezidan James Alix Michel, State House, le 16 Oktob 2016.   Inaugural Address of President Danny Faure, 16th...

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4. Parti Lepep Congress 2017 -03.06.2017

Parti Lepep has elected a new President, Mr. Vincent Meriton and a new Central Executive Committee this morning. The 26 members formed part of the 33 candidates who were nominated by the districts branch committees and the different organs of the...

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6. A dialogue with supporters -09.08.2017

Parti Lepep is holding regional meetings on the three islands with activists and supporters to engage in a dialogue on issues of concern, such as the cohabitation between government and the National Assembly and the future of Parti Lepep. The...

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